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Tea Bags and the Environment


Most branded tea bags contain plastics - standard tea bag material is coated in approximately 25% heat resistant polypropylene to ensure that the tea inside is not compromised after long periods of time on supermarket shelves, and that the bag does not disintegrate in hot water. Pyramid tea bags are 50% worse for the environment because they are sealed on three sides. Bags are often made from nylon or non-woven material such as silk.

As a rule, all of our spice.boutique teabags have zero plastic content. Our tea bags are sealed on three sides using an ultrasound and compression technique, and the drawstring is 100% natural cotton. Further, all our teabags are fully biodegradable and home compostable.


Conventional white tea bags are bleached in pulp mills, which has the potential to cause significant environmental damage primarily through the release of organic materials into waterways. Pulp mills are almost always located near large bodies of water because they require substantial quantities of water for their processes. Bleach contains harmful dioxins which are 'highly toxic, and health effects on humans include immune, reproductive, hormonal and developmental problems' (Dioxins and their effect on human health, World Health Organisation, 2010).

spice.boutique unbleached self fill teabags are made from wood pulp and certified from source manufacture as a totally chlorine free (TCF) process. That is why spice.boutique unbleached paper self fill tea bags are brown in colour - they are your visible assurance that we care for the health of our customers and the well-being of our planet. 

Paper Pulp Mills

Paper pulp mills are around the 5th largest contributor to global warming. If paper can be taken out of the tea bag process, then it will make a significant improvement to climate change. 

This is why spice.boutique has developed a new natural manufacturing process where tea bags are made from corn fibre. Some other manufacturers in the USA use corn fibre - but the raw materials are genetically modified. Our raw materials are not genetically modifiedEven better, the corn fibre is whitened using a revolutionary new process whereby oxygen molecules are forced through the fibre to scour it white - meaning there is no requirement for bleaching. This new and exclusive tea bag has no plastics, no bleach, no genetically modified materials and is 100% natural, biodegradable and home compostable.

Please help us save the planet, one tea bag at a time!