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Plastic Free Tea

As a rule, all of our spice.boutique self fill tea bags contain zero plastic. This means that our tea bags are 100% biodegradable and home compostable. Wherever possible, all other packaging is biodegradable, recycled or recyclable, and uses vegetable based ink. We discourage bleaching and do not use genetically modified materials. 


Three sides of our tea bags are joined together using an ultrasound and compression technique. This technique is not suitable to hold dry tea for long periods of  of time - which is why the large commercial tea producers use heat seal plastics. The fourth side is sealed at home with the 100% natural cotton drawstringWe encourage our customers to put their own loose leaf tea inside our tea bags and pull the drawstring tight to seal before brewing. 


spice.boutique tea bags are not coated in heat resistant polypropylene unlike other commercial big brand tea bags. We use uncoated raw materials.  


Our clear packaging has been manufactured to our own triple layer specification. It is made from a treated BOPP material that disintegrates primarily to water. Our packaging has an outer layer that reduced ultra violet damage to the contents, a middle dense core offering strength and an inner layer that is untreated to ensure it is acid-free for food certification. Tea bags are technically classed as a food product in the UK, and this means we have to attain the highest standard of food certification. Our packaging is food certified.

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