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Our Story

We are world leaders in eco friendly tea bag distribution.

spice.boutique was born in 2016 by the Brown family on the wonderful west coast of Scotland. There are six of us, and we all drink different types of tea and in different strengths - meaning our kitchen cupboards were full of half finished boxes of tea bags, opened and unused after the initial tastes. 

Stephen found some empty tea bags and we started experimenting with loose leaf teas. Living in a rural area of Scotland, the selection of loose leaf teas available was somewhat restricted. It was very frustrating!

Of course, we were able to buy all sorts of magnificent teas online, but then we discovered just how much tea bags were harming our environment - plastics, non-biodegradable, bleaching with dioxins and the use of genetically modified materials to name but a few problems. 

So it became our family mission to save the planet one tea bag at a time! We called this mission spice.boutique because tea is a spice and we wanted to generate a boutique feel to how people buy planet friendly tea bags - where the discerning customer will truly be offered a proper choice of tea bags (we may develop our own range of tea one day!).

As a principle, our family agreed that we only sell biodegradable tea bags with ZERO PLASTIC, glue or micro-granule content. 

First we excluded plastics, glues and chemicals by sourcing white paper tea bags that are sealed by a 100% natural cotton drawstring. The sides of the bags are sealed by using an ultrasound and compression technology. 

Then, we took that technology that we had developed making our first environmentally friendly tea bags, and applied it to unbleached paper which is light brown in colour. This means there are no harmful dioxins seeping into our customers' tea or the environment. Our spice.boutique empty self fill unbleached paper tea bags have been an incredible success in a very short time - selling all over the world to people who really care about what goes into their local environment.

Recently we have been working to take our principles even further by developing a new technology for tea bags. We are using non genetically modified corn fibre as a base material. Instead of whitening with bleach, we can make these tea bags white by blowing oxygen modules through the fibre to scour it white. This again means no harmful dioxins leaking into the environment. Corn fibre is totally biodegradable and once again we seal with a 100% natural cotton drawstring. The tea bag sides are joined together using our ultrasound and compression method - so no glues, chemicals or micro-granules.

Stephen (father) loves spiced teas such as honey spiced chai. Catherine (mother) drinks strong black teas. Mark, the oldest son works in packing the tea bags and he likes more traditional black teas such as assam and darjeeling. Daniel, next oldest, loves green teas, Rebecca, our lovely daughter, really enjoys strong fruit teas whilst our youngest son Samuel is a fitness freak and drinks white teas as a detox. 

We all work in the family business to develop and promote environmentally friendly self fill tea bags so that each individual person can make their own perfect cup of tea - that's why our story is about - Your Tea, Your Strength, Your Way.